Code of practice 9 (COP 9) disclosure work

These reports can be of a voluntary nature by clients who have omitted taxable transactions within their records and would like to disclose these to HMRC; or from the other perspective where HMRC can approach the client under the investigation of fraud procedure, where the recipient of COP9 is given the opportunity to make a complete and accurate disclosure of all their deliberate and non-deliberate conduct that has led to irregularities in their tax affairs.

We have experience in preparing and submitting COP9 Disclosure Reports to HMRC, from the application stage; to outline stage; to the final submission stage.

This type of work is highly detailed and involves a great deal of time dealing with; meeting with and corresponding with HMRC. We have a history of good relationships with HMRC in such cases.

During the process although the client is heavily involved we do try to take the strain off of them by carrying out the detailed work required by HMRC with the end goal of coming to a payment arrangement with HMRC for payment of the final mutually agreed taxes and penalties, without prosecution.

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