Team days and customer focus groups

Team days and customer focus groups in Dundee

Is your team pulling together or apart?

  • Do your people work as individuals or a team?
  • Do they understand and buy-in to the game plan?
  • Is there a strong team spirit to get the job done?
  • Does everyone understand what is expected of them?

We will work with you to help understand where everyone is and their understanding of the business vision.  We’ll work with your team members to develop a Team Building Plan, and a TEAM Charter embodying the rules of expected behaviour between the team members on how they are going to work together so that both personal and team goals are better achieved.

Just because people work for the same business, doesn't mean they work as a team. If you want to achieve anything of consequence in business you need the commitment and co-operation of all your employees.

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Do you understand what your customers really want?

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success - and satisfied customers can be a business’ best salespeople. Our proven Customer Diagnostic™ process allows you to test your own beliefs about the quality of your customer relationship with the perceptions of your customers themselves!  

The survey is presented in a Q&A format that can be run online or distributed to participants as hard copy. It can be presented to customers individually (and results collated), or to a group. The questionnaire results are used to build a diagnostic report for presentation to you which will allow you to make decisions that will incorporate what the clients want and need.  Because we all know that with customers, perceptions often count for more than facts.

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